I want my life to be fully mine and fully lived!


And I want to help others do the same thing...because frankly, I'm pretty damn good at it, and I've been doing it since 2001.


Now, I can't tell you how to live your life - that would be annoying and really, deep inside you know what's best for yourself. 


But if for some reason you're not fully living it yet, then that's where I come in:

I know how to problem solve. I do it myself.


I know how to get things done. I do it myself.


And I know life isn't meant to be perfect and

striving for that  is a set up for failure.


Life is gritty, dirty, passionate and fun. 


That's how I know to live.  And it's how I help others find what makes them tick, so they can get out of their own way.


It's really quite simple. Simple, but not easy.


Still, it's worth doing, don't you think?


You in?

Hummingbird Laughs Free

PO Box 2100

Hailey, ID 83333

Tel: 208.720.7325

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