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Image by Paola Aguilar

Fern, Psychologist

Even beyond her special talent as a practitioner and her ability to make things come to life as an instructor,

I value most the experience of working with Lisa:


her fresh and unique insights that open the door to new possibilities and lay the groundwork for transformation both simple and profound.


Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Lisa.

Happy Family

Adam, Attorney

If you’re ready to find the streamlined path forward and stop spending 80% of your time on things that don’t work, then you’re in the right place.  

My life is better in almost every way because of my work with Lisa. 


In both personal and business life, she has insights that aren’t available to most, and her work cuts right through to what’s really going on.

Make a stop-over here with Lisa, and you will get results far beyond your expectations.

Elegant Older Woman

Barbara, Retiree

Since working with Lisa the key relationships in my life have transformed--gracefully. 


One day I just noticed the change, by looking back. 


She has facilitated my allowing what is, and in that embrace, everything falls into its natural order.  This includes me, as well.


Her insights are so incredibly accurate as she helps me to really live my authentic self.


What a joy to have Lisa in my life!

Image by JK

Samantha, Executive Assistant

I found myself in a difficult work situation.


It seemed like no matter what I did I could not make my work space or my work relationships improve.


I was very fortunate to have a session with Lisa. 


In a matter of days my work situation grew more comfortable and I started to look at my work space differently.


Things that made me uncomfortable were beginning to appear differently.


My colleagues at work also grew more supportive and I was able to make a break through.


Thank you for your wonderful gifts and enriching my life.

Rock Climber Powdering Hands

Tod, Social Worker

I've struggled with ADD my entire life, though I managed it fairly well in my professional life. 


 As I got older, I experienced more problems with being scattered and forgetful, along with random episodes of anger and frustration. Honestly, it was making me worried.


Lisa is amazing! The supplements she recommended made a huge difference for me! 


And while I was initially resistant to changing my diet, when I finally did I was able to remember childhood friend's names that have eluded me for 30 years. 


I'm amazed, and frankly shocked, that food can have such a big impact on my brain. But Lisa made me a believer!

Image by Matthew LeJune

Tracey, Social Worker

Lisa has the ability

to hone in on the exact issue

that needs to be addressed and,

with uncanny simplicity,

helps me find my way to the other side. 


I bring tangled and nebulous issues to her and walk away

clear, grounded and empowered!


My life is so much easier, fun and light from our work together. 

Her special combination of intuition and science make Lisa the BOMB!

Image by humberto chavez

Cathy, Pharmacist

I had trouble dealing with my father’s death and all that goes along with that.  


After my consultation and treatment my brain feels like it is “working” like it used to. 


My thought processes are much clearer.  More like it used to be. 

 Lisa is very fun, compassionate, and very effective.

Image by Kalen Emsley

Patricia, Organizer

For the first time in months,

I wake up in the morning


Holding Hands

Nancy, Wife

As an adult, I am facing life issues of childhood incest, young adult rape and their effect on my personal life now. 


My marriage has suffered and I have suffered. 


I could barely talk to my husband and was experiencing extreme anxiety. 


I am now beginning to see my husband respond to me with a gentleness and interest that seemed to have disappeared from our 30 year old marriage--


I can hardly believe I am writing these words today!

Middle Aged Woman

Debby, Travel Agent

Happiness is having Lisa

back in my life!

I looked everywhere and never found anyone else like her.


She's amazing.

Professional Female

Deb, Legal Assistant

I was grieving the loss of my granny, whom I was very close to. 


My consultation with Lisa was a god send. 


My grieving, pain and suffering was much clearer to me and I felt the process was made easier for me with the help of Lisa. 


I had several weekly/monthly sessions with Lisa who has helped me make my difficult times much easier. 


I had numerous sessions with counselors and they helped at first but eventually weeks later I would feel back to the same place I started when I went to see them.


Lisa has changed my life completely, i.e. my outlook, my emotions, dealing with issues, my goals and especially to make sense of things that happen.


Lisa strives to be very caring and personable but most of all she has the deep desire to really help those who are suffering, hurting, confused.

Her expertise is above and beyond what I ever expected. I feel blessed to have met Lisa. 


I can’t imagine what a mess I would have been through the grieving process without being able to talk to/work with Lisa.

Senior Female Teacher

Dana, Teacher

My experience working with Lisa Krueger has been very exciting.


For years I have been plagued with painful memories from the past.

With Lisa’s guidance and incredible techniques, I have undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis.


I experience a remarkable new feeling: a feeling of confidence and inner calm, a connection to the positive world rather than that of the guilt-ridden, fearful life I had known for so long.


A strength that I have never felt before. It is both calming and stimulating.


I feel less anxiety with a newfound ability to accept change instead of fear it.


Just the confidence alone is exhilarating.

Woman Chef

Peg, Chef

I think in all the years that I have been doing various forms of therapy I have never experienced the coming together of “myself”. 


It is a moment that I will never forget. 


I feel as though she sweeps clean all of the negative cobwebs from my body allowing the light to shine through with bright, positive energy.


I only wish I met Lisa twenty years ago and started with this process…


The results are amazing.

Happy Family in Nature

Mandy, Manager

I used to struggle with feelings of guilt and responsibility related to my family. 


Lisa was able to open my world and to help me live my life more freely.

Image by Jérémie Crémer

Liz, Land Manager

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, mostly affecting my hips and hands, at the young age of 30.

I was very active physically - played soccer, cycled, snowboarded and worked a field job- so this came as quite a blow. 


After several years of traditional therapies, I found Lisa.


This technique combined with a healthy lifestyle has created a pain-free life and re-opened the doors to physical activity.


the world needs YOU!

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